“As a yogi of over 15 years I was forced to give up my practice due to neck pain. The scientific approach of Spinal Flow Yoga has taught me proper spine alignment that I now use both on and off the mat. I am completely pain free and elated to be back on my yoga journey.”

“This is a yoga guys would like.”

“There was no rumination going on there, it was hard but that’s what made it powerful.”

“I like the short program [Spinal Flow Fit] too. Sometimes that’s what I don’t like about Yoga, I’m not meditating, I’m not really working out, and this is really long.”

“I have come to depend on Spinal Flow Yoga as a way to achieve a great workout using safe methods to reduce the chance of hurting myself. At the same time the poses have been created in a very thoughtful manner to strengthen ones’ body in a way that will protect them from future injuries as well. Through Spinal Flow Yoga I’ve finally found a type of yoga that is good for my body in the short and long-term, and any workout that ends with savasana is one that strengthens my soul too. 

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