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If you have not yet read the intention of Spinal Flow, I would encourage you to do so now. If you don’t read it first, I’m told you’ll be, “pissed off, cause that didn’t feel like yoga, and that’s not what yoga people expect.” After you read it, I’m told effective immediately, “that’s cool, ok, I get it.” 

Each flow has three levels, Level-1 being for beginners/currently injured, Level-2 for those of average fitness that are starting to feel better, and Level-3 that should be very challenging for just about anyone. I still can’t max out all the reps of Level-3 and I have been trying my hardest for few years now. Each of the flows represent what I think best constitutes an effective and spine safe exercise program. However everyone is different. As such I wrote the USER RULES, which should help keep you safe by giving you a solid indication on when to move up, when to move down, and when to skip a given exercise. 

There are currently four versions of Spinal Flow, as follows: 

Spinal Flow One (SFOne): SFOne was the first program designed and has all of the exercises. It’s designed to increase total body strength and stability, while at the same time teaching proper coordination in movement patterns that better rest the spine during daily activities. All of the exercises are performed with the spine in a neutral, or very near neutral posture, with active motions being performed at the peripheral joints (hips/knees/shoulders, etc.). Which is exactly how you learn to better rest a sore spine while staying active. Once you know SFOne, it should take a little less than an hour to complete inclusive of 10 minutes meditation in savasana. 

Spinal Flow Skill (SFSkill): Is much shorter and much easier taking 25-35 minutes to finish, depending on whether or not you do the meditation. It’s includes the exercises of SFOne, working more on balance and coordination, which isn’t a bad place to start, especially if your spine is currently hurting. However, many of the skill exercises are like riding a bike. Whereas once you have internalized hinging at your hips (keeping your spine neutral) as you bend over, squat, and kneel, you pretty much have it and continual practice becomes of lesser importance. 

Spinal Flow Metcon (SFMetcon): Level-1 SFMetcon is not too difficult but level-3 is probably the most intense spine safe home exercise program in existence. SFMetcon is intended for those relatively short on time, taking 20-25 minutes to finish. However, it’s for those who have already developed good posture and neutral spine awareness, as taught in SFOne and SFSkill sequences. SFMetcon is also a good morning workout, performed 2-3 days per week to rev you up. You can wind down with SFSkill in the evening for the best of both. They could also be done on alternate days. 

Spinal Flow Five (SF5): SF5 is the program I do. While SFMetcon is an amazingly hard workout, it’s so intense that I found I didn’t feel like doing it. SF5, was a happenstance development that it turns out I loved! It’s called SF5 because it takes five minutes to finish and though it’s intense at the higher levels, it’s intense for such as short period of time that it doesn’t seem that hard. Since it’s so short it has to be done daily for optimal improvements. That’s the tradeoff, but I think it’s worth it, especially because I think the daily exercise quickly becomes habitual. Like SFMetcon, SF5 assumes you have good exercise technique/coordination developed with SFOne and/or SFSkill.*

*In SF5 I’m working with video and my plan is to replace the still images of the first three flows with video as quickly as I can. 

Comments for questions and suggestions are enabled on the bottom of each flow page. While I’m not giving out “medical advice” I’ll do my best to answer “in general” type questions on what I would do in a given situation. Also I’m hoping to elicit feedback so I can update and improve not only the programs but the way they are shared, plus adding representative questions to a FAQ. If you have ideas or advice do share, but please don’t spam me!