Spinal Flow Skill (SFSkill)


  • time is limited,
  • you need more work on posture, balance and coordination
  • or your spine doesn’t feel up to an intense workout regardless of how neutral
  • and a little more relaxation sounds good

…SFSkill is for you. SFSkill is also a great way to wind down at the end of the day, while SFMetcon can energize you at the start. Of course with with SFOne you get it all. 


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11 thoughts on “Spinal Flow Skill (SFSkill)”

    • No pillow. A pillow will only push the head forward putting the neck into some amount of flexion, which if you have neck pain you almost certainly already get too much of. Neck flexion is what causes cervical disc bulges and herniations so we are trying to get comfortable laying flat on the back without a pillow to make the retracted position feel more and more comfortable over time. The body should then more readily adopt that position during the day, lessening neck stress, better preserving the disc, and lessening/eliminating pain.

  1. #1 Centering: Overhead, Axis, and Axis Fold…Are these 3 done together as 1 “oscillation”? In other words, do you start with Overhead, then proceed to Axis, then proceed to Axis Fold, then go back to Overhead (and count that as 1 repetition)? Or, do you mean do 5 Overheads, 5 Axis, then 5 Axis Folds???? -Confused.

    • Each is done once but the position is held for 5 oscillations (roughly 5 seconds), then you move onto the next. It will probably be slower at first as you think yourself through it, but once you know the sequence of events centering should only take 45-60 seconds.

      • Thanks. So, I have been doing the whole Centering sequence incorrectly because I did not know that 5 “oscillations” meant to hold each position (in the entire sequence) for roughly 5 seconds. I interpreted an “oscillation” to mean a “repetition”.

        • You’re welcome. Keep asking questions if you have them as it helps me learn how to better communicate/explain things. It will be a lot easier when I start putting videos up. Learning video editing is definitely on my list.

          • Sorry about this…but back to the Centering for Feet, Core, Neck and Neck-2 now. When you say “5 Oscillations per Position” for these (Feet, Core, Neck and Neck-2), what exactly do you mean? For example: “Feet” — Do you mean roll forward on your toes and hold for 5 seconds/oscillations, then roll backward on your heels and hold for 5 seconds/oscillations, then come back to center?? Same for Feet, Core, Neck and Neck-2??

  2. Half Folds (overhead, axis, shins): Are you saying to start with the hands overhead, then do the overhead half fold (as in the picture), then come up straight with the hands still overhead (this would count as 1 rep); then switch hands to axis position and do the half fold (as in the picture); then come up straight with hands still in axis (this would count as 1 rep); then, switch to hands at sides(?); then do half fold until hands are at the front of shins; then come up straight (this would count as 1 rep)…??

    • No, forward and back for one, forward and back for two, forward and back for three… The less motion the better, each forward and back should only take about a second once you are used to it. That’s for each position. Arms overhead it’s more of a back, back, back, and in the axis fold it’s a forward, forward, forward, those being the only two that are “oscillating” into a stretch. The first ones you are learning to find oscillate about your center (the neutral spine).

      For the 2nd question, yes, exactly as you describe for the motion but each up and down is a rep, so I would count that 1,2,3 for a total of 21, or 7 in with each hand position. That’s why that exercise for the odd number of reps.

    • If you keep your eyes focused at about the level of your finger tips and your neck retracted it will work the neck to some degree. It’s more muscle endurance than strength, but if the neck muscles are weaker they should strengthen up some. It’s a good place to start if the neck still has pain. More neck strength is to be had in the supine series in levels 2-3 of the complete flow and Spinal Flow Fit.

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