Spinal Flow Metcon (SFMetcon)

Level-1 is not too hard but level-3 is probably the most intense spine safe home exercise program in existence. Metcon is intended for those short on time but have already developed good posture and neutral spine awareness taught in FSOne and/or SFSkill sequences. SFMetcon is also a good morning workout to rev you up, and you can wind down with SFSkill in the evening for the best of both. They could also be done on alternate days. 

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2 thoughts on “Spinal Flow Metcon (SFM)”

    • Sorry for the late reply, I was unplugged in Mexico.

      Almost all the exercises cause some kind of strain. If they didn’t you wouldn’t get any stronger or any fitter. The trick is to strain the muscles without straining the discs. By raising the neck minimally (less than 1″), so long as you are keeping your chin mildly tucked, the spine should remain neutral thus exercising the neck flexor muscles but putting only a compression load on the discs (which isn’t that harmful). If you raise the neck higher it doesn’t work the muscles much more, but it then puts a the neck in flexion and flexion is what bulges and herniates a disc.

      That said some necks are too sensitive to handle even the compression load. I just finished writing up the “Rules of Spinal Flow.” I still need to have it edited so if there may be typos. However rules One, Three, and Five should apply and let you know if you are pushing too hard. In short if it’s increasing your neck pain at all then it’s too soon for that exercise.

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