Spinal Flow Control (SFControl)


  • time is limited
  • you need more work on posture, balance and coordination
  • or your spine doesn’t feel up to an intense workout regardless of how neutral
  • and a little more relaxation sounds good…

SFSkill is for you. SFSkill is also a great way to wind down at the end of the day, while SFMetcon can energize you at the start. Of course with with SFOne you get it all. 

This is a great flow for all of the above, but I’ll probably be retiring it soon. It’s important explicitly teach spine control and hip/spine coordination explicitly, to balance out SFMetcon, or now SF5. However, I think now that I have all the hard work/progress accomplished in 5 or less minutes with SF5, nobody is going to want to spend 15-20 minutes working on the easy stuff, no matter how important it may be. So I’m currently shooting and editing videos to teach spine control a 5 minute sequence. I reason that 5 minutes done frequently is infinitely better for one’s spine than a longer program done never. Till then the below sequence does what it was designed for.

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