Links I Like in Goa India, where I was very happy to get my yoga teacher training. I looked at a lot of schools and I thought Sampoorna was the best of both worlds. It was the perfect mixture of ancient and original philosophy true to Patanjali, with an emphasis on meditation and yoga philosophy, combined with more modern Ashtanga and Vinyasa. Their facebook page is here, and instagram. The school is as 100% as good as it looks in the website.

My yoga teacher, Sudhir Rishi’s podcast! is my physical therapy website. While I’m getting out of the conventional medical model, I have what I think are some really great blogs where I present and analyze scientific literature. The questions and answers in the comment section following my critique on McKenzie method for low back pain was a major inspiration for Spinal Flow Yoga™. is the world’s largest medical database where I (and probably every other researcher) goes to check out claims regarding medical science, exercise, diet, medications, etc. is basically the Napster of research articles. Considering journals are selling access to research that’s government funded (meaning us funded) I don’t feel particularly bad about it. Paste in the PMID or DOI number from your Pubmed reference and you’ll almost always get your article. is a skeptic’s medical website. I would expect most writers there, in opposition to yogi’s, score low on the trait “openness to experience”. However, they have very good BS detectors and the bulk of what they debunk deserves it. My goal is to present Spinal Flow Yoga™ in such a way as to make the most open minded yogi and the hardcore skeptic think, “yeah I’ll try that,” which is an interesting challenge. My understanding is that they are carrying on where is leaving off as founder Stephen Barrett is retiring, for whom I am also a major fan. is the website of Stuart McGill who is one of today’s premier back pain researchers. Spinal Flow™ isn’t exactly McGill’s treatment program but but it’s very much derived from his principles linked (or yoked as they say in yoga) with what I have learned in relation to diet, exercise, electric stimulation and yoga. Of all the books of back pain treatment I have read over the years, his are honestly the only ones I can recommend without reservation, and Spinal Flow would not be what it is without his research.