Cheers, and Jeers (aka hate mail, and no I won’t conform, nor surrender to ignorance)

Intro here, or whatever

I’m goring oxen here.

Some people don’t like that, preferring the illusion over reality, or profiting by that illusion. However, if I disturb the emotions of 9 to to legitimately improve the health of one, it’s worth it. And if I make an effort not to disturb, I won’t help anyone.


People saying good stuff about Spinal Flow Yoga! Generally they’ve tried it.

People who hate Spinal Flow Yoga. None of whom I think have tried it, and all of whom were offended I suggested they could be fitter than what they are. Just trying to help, lol.

Whenever I’m uncertain about an item I buy on amazon, I always click to read the criticisms. People accuse me of being sexist (no) racist (no) fatist (kinda, but I think I’m the fat person’s best friend) anyway read on and see for yourself.