Too hurt for Spinal Flow?

Red Flags

Every once in a while spine pain is caused by cancer, infection, or broken bone. In the low back there can also be cauda equina syndrome, and in the neck a dislocated dens. Again, this is probably not you, but if it is, you should see a medical doctor, ASAP.

Flared up

Also known as bad timing. This can be extreme pain in the neck or back, sometimes with pain and tingling running down ONE arm or leg? With patience it’s usually not as bad as it seems.

Time’s Up (maybe)

Unfortunately you don’t have forever to fix things. I’m trying to keep you from getting here, but regretfully some people are. That said…

Red Flags

No matter if you’ve used a visual page builder before, with Brizy you’ll be a pro the second you start using it.

Have you ever had any kind of cancer? (click if yes)

Red Flag: history of cancer

The number one predictor of current or future cancer is a past history of cancer. Thus, a yes to this question substantially raises that odds spine current spine pain is from cancer as opposed to, or in addition to, typical spine pain caused by typical causes poor fitness and posture.

Does be rest, or other postural adjustments, provide any relief of your spine pain? (click if yes)

Red Flag: pain unchanged with rest

While bed rest is generally considered a poor treatment for spine pain, if the pain is mechanical or postural, there are usually some positions that feel better than others, at least in the short term. Pain that is progressive, unchanging, and unrelenting regardless of rest and postural positions increases the odds that it could result from cancer or infection, as opposed to poor posture and poor fitness.

Have you had a recent onset of an inability to urinate at all, even when you have a full bladder? (click if yes)

Red Flag: urinary retention

Urinary retention can result from malignancy or cauda equina syndrome (an emergency condition, usually caused when an especially large herniated disc substantially impinges on a large number of nerves in the lumbar spine, and for which emergency surgery is indicated to lessen the risk of permanent disability).

Have you recently had an unexplained fever? (click if yes)

Red Flag: unexplained fever

Typical spine pain does not cause a fever. A fever could indicate an infection which while rare in the spine, can and does happen.